Friday, August 27, 2010

Hugs can be fun or not...

Just expirenced my first MS hug yesterday, well for those who wonder what it feels like.. let me tell ya
    lets say that you are wearing a 12" wide belt around you, make it as tight as you can.. and leave it there for the entire day. Thats the not fun Hugg.

Now for the awesome news...  my daughter is getting married. Sometime early next year, my baby girl will be a married woman and living clear across the country with her man. Now all I have to remember, like she always said... its only a short plane trip ride away.

Well, have a great day everyone.. will post more later, right now I am taking advantage of the energy I have to do something constructive.. like housework.

Lifes a Journey ~ enjoy it to the fullest


Sandy2007 said...

I wish I could give you the good kind of hug-here's a lloonnngg distance hug (((( O )))).

CindySews said...

Thanks Sandy!