Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sorry Willy and Hello Wendy

Good early morning everyone! Its very quiet here, could it be because its almost 4 am.

Well anyways, going to try to accomplish some sewing. I have a walker that I called Willy, so yesterday I bought some fabric to make the seat cushion and basket liner for it.. very pretty sunflowers. Well I told Sarah I needed to change its name and she suggested Wendy...  I like that. I will post some pictures as soon as I get it done.

The weather here is getting warm again, I can't wait for cooler temps again, this MS really puts a damper on everything, but still I am learning to adjust to having MS live with us.. yes I say us, because it does not only affect me, it affects everyone around me.

So if you every wonder what MS feels like, I found this pretty neat site and there was a list of what MS feels like. I printed it up for Craig, because it was hard to explain.
What Multiple Sclerosis feels like!

Well I am off to another fun filled adventure in weeble land. Please enjoy your day to the most extreme!

Lifes a Journey... enjoy it to the fullest
~ Cindy

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