Saturday, August 21, 2010

heat.. nice for you to visit.. now go away

Sorry, I missed my post yesterday, spent most of the day on the road traveling.
The morning started off early out the door to go to Vegas, and get some Hatch New Mexico green chilis and have them roasted. Craig had gone the week before and took him about 20 minutes in line and even turned around stood in line to get another 30 pounds.  Well yesterday, thinking he could do the same... not! He stood in line 3hrs. I stayed in the truck with the girls, the heat is pure evil, nasty and not so fun.
Finally after getting the chilis we were able to get on the road to go see the kids.
Last night we sliced up some tri-tip and added some of the green chilis and slopped it on a bun.. yummy. I know I said I was not going to eat any red beef, but could not resist. Thats ok, its not like we eat beef all the time.
Oh and by the way... 60 pounds of chilis after they have been roasted gets ya about 15 pounds. We use a vaccume sealer and freeze them.

Craig loves to cook, so he is always has me googling for new recipes. I found one green chili verde recipe, that is absolutely wonderful... I love the spices, just melts in your  mouth
Kathouse Chili Verde

I started reading my MS for Dummies book, great info in there.. some stuff that I already have been expierencing as I am learning to adjust with this monster that decided it wanted to disrupt my life. I told Craig we need to move to Alaska, the heat and bright sun.. is pure evil. He said the girls could not take the cold.

Well off to start another day.. just takin it one step at a time.

Life is a Journey ~ Enjoy it to the fullest

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