Monday, August 16, 2010

Woke up.. so that means I am alive :)

Well it off to another great day in weeble land.
When Craig came home from the store he handed me these beautiful flowers and a huge hugg.. It was just what I needed. Bless him.. he's been my ROCK!!

Yesterday went ok. I am finding my willy walker is more use to me. Thanks Mom, for buying it for me. When you bought it, I thought nah I won't need it.

Yes, the days of standing while sewing are over for the time being. I now use Willys chair to sit, and Princess likes it too, because she can sleep in the basket on Willy, while I sew and do dishes.. oh and yes, days of standing to do dishes are over for the time being too.

After doing alot of research this morning about what I should be doing now since MS is sharing my life with me. I knew that I really need to lose some more weight, and I discovered, its all about eating more healthy, and stay away from red meat. The diet, well I don't like the word "diet" so I will just say, its all about changing your lifestyle. This change applies to all types of health issues, cardio, cholestral, diabetes and more.. I think its all the same, so all these years of reading, eat healthy.. vegs, fruits, lean meat (no red) and grains. duh! I shoulda listened years ago.

Oh well, its done, now just gotta go forward and keep moving in the right direction.

If you have time.. please vist this facebook page and read the story about a young woman with MS was pulled over in the heat in AZ, just to have her service dog killed and her life in shambles.
Justice for Dunkin' Dog

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