Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New adventures in the feed store and Albertsons

I decided to go to the feed store in town today to get my girls some food.
And I made a note.. from now on, remove hearing aids.. too much noise from the birds that used to never bother me.. now do.
Then decided to go to Albertson, which I never do.. and another note I made...  remove hearing aids, too many people, noise.. I guess I am not made to be around alot of people and noise when I am have a lil set back.

Ok for a lil humor

Todays word lesson is brought to you by MS, ...
What rhymes with Hello? lets see, Jello, Leggos, Notso, FunO and SunO... put them all together and you get Hello jello leggos your notso funo in the sunO. hehehehehe. 

I am learning one step at a time.. enjoy your day everyone, make ever second count. love ya bunches!

Life is a journey ~ enjoy it to the fullest

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