Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Yesterday I went with Sarah to watch her try on some beautiful wedding dresses... it just seems like yesterday that she was just a lil girl eating bugs in the yard. She looked amazing, seeing her smile.. made me realize, that shes grown up and will be happy being married to Jon.
I met his family yesterday, very down to earth people, it was nice just sitting outside and listening to the stories about their pretty awesome family.

Alot has been on my mind dealing with MonSter, it just seems its more than ever that I am struggling with it, I often wonder what will happen in March when Sarah gets married.. will I be well enough to dance with Craig. So I am just focusing and going to have to try to give it all I can.... because I am stronger than it is.
Every MS patient is different, you never know what will happen from second to second, so I have learned to never take anything for granted again.
Everyday, I try to educated myself more about this MonSter, so to my family, I will try to posts what I learn so you will understand.
Who are the people with Multiple Sclerosis

Well I guess I will get moving this morning, I am still at Sarahs and will be heading home tomorrow. Craig has been building my ramps to the "sweatshop" I will post pictures soon. I told him Sarah has lots of ruhhbarb in her freezer and if he wanted some.. I was thinking to take some home to him, well he just say "nah, but you can make pie and bring it home" so I am gonna to make a few pies this morning, for the kids and Craig.

One thing before I close, after reading a story of someone dealing with MS...  she said "Life's lessons are learned from the way we are being, and not necessarily from what we are doing. And when we keep our eyes wide open, what may seem ordinary can become our greatest gift" That is so true... so what ever happens, we just keep our head up and keep on dancing!

Lifes a journey ~ enjoy it to the fullest!

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