Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing some in CA

We went to CA over the weekend, to visit the kids. Saw some old relatives we havent seen in ages. Wow where does the time go.
Also Sarah is getting married sometime early next year. Now thats going to be hard, since she will be moving all the way to Florida. Sure, I have my sons still in CA, but Cliff will be on the road trucking and Eric is married, I suppose thats all part of growing  up. Feel sad sometimes, but then I have to remember, they are only a airplane ride away.
My MS acted up some, while visiting them, but they are starting to understand that its very unpredictable everyday, and I am learning that MS lives with me now, and I need to learn to adjust so it does not take control of my daily activities.
Well off to start some sewing, seems I need to start designing a quilt for Sarah as a wedding gift, more details soon.

Lifes a Journey, enjoy it to the fullest!

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