Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyday is always an adventure

Good morning everyone!! Well lets see, so much has happened over the last few months.
My world started literally rocking and rolling everyday. I noticed more of the weebleness in my walking and standing. Then summer started rolling in at very crazy hi temps, and then noticed "hey your legs don't work when its hot"
So after many trips to drs. trying to figure out what was wrong with me.. my Neuro told me on 7/29/10 that I had MS.. I just blurted out, give me some meds to make it go away. *sighs* not that simple.
She wanted to put me on steriods for 5 days to make the attacks go away, but then says they will always come back. I decided against it.
So now, here I am in my lil weeble land world, learning all I can about this disease that I will have to live with.. yes the rest of my life.
So am I gonna curl up in a ball and give up.. no way, I may have MS but it does not have me!!

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