Friday, August 27, 2010

Hugs can be fun or not...

Just expirenced my first MS hug yesterday, well for those who wonder what it feels like.. let me tell ya
    lets say that you are wearing a 12" wide belt around you, make it as tight as you can.. and leave it there for the entire day. Thats the not fun Hugg.

Now for the awesome news...  my daughter is getting married. Sometime early next year, my baby girl will be a married woman and living clear across the country with her man. Now all I have to remember, like she always said... its only a short plane trip ride away.

Well, have a great day everyone.. will post more later, right now I am taking advantage of the energy I have to do something constructive.. like housework.

Lifes a Journey ~ enjoy it to the fullest

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missing some in CA

We went to CA over the weekend, to visit the kids. Saw some old relatives we havent seen in ages. Wow where does the time go.
Also Sarah is getting married sometime early next year. Now thats going to be hard, since she will be moving all the way to Florida. Sure, I have my sons still in CA, but Cliff will be on the road trucking and Eric is married, I suppose thats all part of growing  up. Feel sad sometimes, but then I have to remember, they are only a airplane ride away.
My MS acted up some, while visiting them, but they are starting to understand that its very unpredictable everyday, and I am learning that MS lives with me now, and I need to learn to adjust so it does not take control of my daily activities.
Well off to start some sewing, seems I need to start designing a quilt for Sarah as a wedding gift, more details soon.

Lifes a Journey, enjoy it to the fullest!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

heat.. nice for you to visit.. now go away

Sorry, I missed my post yesterday, spent most of the day on the road traveling.
The morning started off early out the door to go to Vegas, and get some Hatch New Mexico green chilis and have them roasted. Craig had gone the week before and took him about 20 minutes in line and even turned around stood in line to get another 30 pounds.  Well yesterday, thinking he could do the same... not! He stood in line 3hrs. I stayed in the truck with the girls, the heat is pure evil, nasty and not so fun.
Finally after getting the chilis we were able to get on the road to go see the kids.
Last night we sliced up some tri-tip and added some of the green chilis and slopped it on a bun.. yummy. I know I said I was not going to eat any red beef, but could not resist. Thats ok, its not like we eat beef all the time.
Oh and by the way... 60 pounds of chilis after they have been roasted gets ya about 15 pounds. We use a vaccume sealer and freeze them.

Craig loves to cook, so he is always has me googling for new recipes. I found one green chili verde recipe, that is absolutely wonderful... I love the spices, just melts in your  mouth
Kathouse Chili Verde

I started reading my MS for Dummies book, great info in there.. some stuff that I already have been expierencing as I am learning to adjust with this monster that decided it wanted to disrupt my life. I told Craig we need to move to Alaska, the heat and bright sun.. is pure evil. He said the girls could not take the cold.

Well off to start another day.. just takin it one step at a time.

Life is a Journey ~ Enjoy it to the fullest

Thursday, August 19, 2010

another thought to ponder on

" When was the last time you asked a question like this: "Why did this happen to me?" or "I don't understand why." Please remember, it's not what happens to us but the meaning we associate with the circumstances that will determine whether we will be successful and happy or the opposite. In all circumstances, reach for the better thoughts regardless of how hard it my be at first. Look for the better meaning and the positive aspect in all things. Use your circumstances always as a way to grow as a person and evolve to your greatest potential."

Written in 2010 by Art Bujan

Quick thought

" When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude."
~ G.K. Chesterton

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blah, blah, blah

Was today a good day, even when I was told I can see my reg Neuro, then told by my insurance I have to see a different one. *sighs*

Lifes a journey live it to the fullest
~ Cindy

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New adventures in the feed store and Albertsons

I decided to go to the feed store in town today to get my girls some food.
And I made a note.. from now on, remove hearing aids.. too much noise from the birds that used to never bother me.. now do.
Then decided to go to Albertson, which I never do.. and another note I made...  remove hearing aids, too many people, noise.. I guess I am not made to be around alot of people and noise when I am have a lil set back.

Ok for a lil humor

Todays word lesson is brought to you by MS, ...
What rhymes with Hello? lets see, Jello, Leggos, Notso, FunO and SunO... put them all together and you get Hello jello leggos your notso funo in the sunO. hehehehehe. 

I am learning one step at a time.. enjoy your day everyone, make ever second count. love ya bunches!

Life is a journey ~ enjoy it to the fullest

Sorry Willy and Hello Wendy

Good early morning everyone! Its very quiet here, could it be because its almost 4 am.

Well anyways, going to try to accomplish some sewing. I have a walker that I called Willy, so yesterday I bought some fabric to make the seat cushion and basket liner for it.. very pretty sunflowers. Well I told Sarah I needed to change its name and she suggested Wendy...  I like that. I will post some pictures as soon as I get it done.

The weather here is getting warm again, I can't wait for cooler temps again, this MS really puts a damper on everything, but still I am learning to adjust to having MS live with us.. yes I say us, because it does not only affect me, it affects everyone around me.

So if you every wonder what MS feels like, I found this pretty neat site and there was a list of what MS feels like. I printed it up for Craig, because it was hard to explain.
What Multiple Sclerosis feels like!

Well I am off to another fun filled adventure in weeble land. Please enjoy your day to the most extreme!

Lifes a Journey... enjoy it to the fullest
~ Cindy

Monday, August 16, 2010

Woke up.. so that means I am alive :)

Well it off to another great day in weeble land.
When Craig came home from the store he handed me these beautiful flowers and a huge hugg.. It was just what I needed. Bless him.. he's been my ROCK!!

Yesterday went ok. I am finding my willy walker is more use to me. Thanks Mom, for buying it for me. When you bought it, I thought nah I won't need it.

Yes, the days of standing while sewing are over for the time being. I now use Willys chair to sit, and Princess likes it too, because she can sleep in the basket on Willy, while I sew and do dishes.. oh and yes, days of standing to do dishes are over for the time being too.

After doing alot of research this morning about what I should be doing now since MS is sharing my life with me. I knew that I really need to lose some more weight, and I discovered, its all about eating more healthy, and stay away from red meat. The diet, well I don't like the word "diet" so I will just say, its all about changing your lifestyle. This change applies to all types of health issues, cardio, cholestral, diabetes and more.. I think its all the same, so all these years of reading, eat healthy.. vegs, fruits, lean meat (no red) and grains. duh! I shoulda listened years ago.

Oh well, its done, now just gotta go forward and keep moving in the right direction.

If you have time.. please vist this facebook page and read the story about a young woman with MS was pulled over in the heat in AZ, just to have her service dog killed and her life in shambles.
Justice for Dunkin' Dog

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyday is always an adventure

Good morning everyone!! Well lets see, so much has happened over the last few months.
My world started literally rocking and rolling everyday. I noticed more of the weebleness in my walking and standing. Then summer started rolling in at very crazy hi temps, and then noticed "hey your legs don't work when its hot"
So after many trips to drs. trying to figure out what was wrong with me.. my Neuro told me on 7/29/10 that I had MS.. I just blurted out, give me some meds to make it go away. *sighs* not that simple.
She wanted to put me on steriods for 5 days to make the attacks go away, but then says they will always come back. I decided against it.
So now, here I am in my lil weeble land world, learning all I can about this disease that I will have to live with.. yes the rest of my life.
So am I gonna curl up in a ball and give up.. no way, I may have MS but it does not have me!!