Sunday, September 12, 2010

Come sail away with me....

well not really on a boat, but sure feels like it everyday.

Wow, can't believe even just a simple task as sweeping my floor can be so fun.. not. LOL
It was like I was on a boat, in the really high seas, I mean the boat is rockin all over the place, I laugh about it now, but you can be sure I was not laughing at the time.

So much has happened this last week, My son and husband worked all week to get the ramps done around our place to make my travels a bit smoother. Craig even went as  far as putting a walk to the trash shed, so I can still take the trash out. :)  Craig calls in our mini golf course since it has walk and rails all over the place now.

I go to see the new Neuro in Oct, and I sure can't wait. I am not taking any meds right now, but the ways things are going, I may consider it. I am up early in the morning, so I generally do good for about 4 hrs... then the MonSter decides I have had enough smooth sailing and takes me rockin again.

Well off to another fun filled adventureos day in weebleland, gonna work on some ideas for sarahs wedding announcement.

Enjoy your day to the fullest, remember life's a journey so live it today

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Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Love your attitude. I have had great results with meds for a long time now. I hope you do well.